What Is GAINSWave™ and Can It Help My ED?

What Is GAINSWave™ and Can It Help My ED?

Erectile dysfunction, also known as ED, is becoming an issue for more and more men. Impacting 1 out of 10 males, erectile dysfunction is reaching disturbing numbers and unfortunately, not only are the men affected, but so are their partners. With new technology and breakthrough treatments, GAINSWave™ therapy is making its mark on helping men with this condition. This noninvasive and pain-free approach to helping men get their life back is a treatment option that Superior T in Frisco, TX can provide.

Superior T is a wellness center for men founded by Dr. Jerry Lewis. Dr. Lewis and his professional staff provide options and solutions like GAINSWave™ to help men struggling with ED. Superior T is dedicated to giving men treatment options for conditions such as ED so they can get back to a better quality of life. Here is some information on what this new innovative treatment is and how it could possibly help you.

What is ED?

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, affects roughly 30 million men. Men who experience problems during sex with getting erect or maintaining an erection may be struggling with ED. Even though some men can experience problems with erections occasionally, ED happens more often and begins to occur on a regular basis. If that is the case, then men should seek treatment help.

Erection anatomy

During arousal, nerves in the penis release chemicals that cause an increase of blood flow. That blood flow enters into the two chambers inside the penis that make the spongy muscular tissue relax and trap the incoming blood. Once the blood fills up, it makes the penis erect. Once a man has an orgasm, the nerves in the penis are signaled to contract in order to release the blood back into the body and the erection goes down.

What causes ED?

Men in the Frisco and surrounding areas dealing with ED are not alone. More men are struggling with this condition. In some cases, getting an ED diagnosis can even help lead to treating other serious medical problems. Here is what may cause ED:

  • Emotional trauma

  • Stress induced

  • Restriction of blood flow to the penis due to an injury to the area and damaged nerves

  • ED symptoms can be an early warning sign of other health problems like heart disease, blocked arteries, Diabetes or high blood pressure.

What is GAINSWave™

With more men struggling with ED, medical specialists are continuously working to find solutions to give patients relief. One of the latest treatment options is GAINSWave™. This is a new type of contact therapy that uses high frequency acoustic waves, also known as shockwave therapy, to externally stimulate the existing blood vessels inside the penis. It has even proved to stimulate growth of new blood vessels.

How does it work?

The GAINSWave™ device is scientifically proven to stimulate the blood vessels inside the penis to increase overall blood flow. When a man has more blood coming into the penis shaft, it increases the chance to have an erection and can even increase sensitivity. GAINSWave™ is shockwave therapy that doesn’t require surgery, has no side effects, and is a pain-free treatment.

The results are in

Men trying out this new, noninvasive treatment are seeing results. This simple in-office procedure uses high frequency and low frequency sound waves to externally stimulate the penis in order to treat erectile dysfunction and overall improve a man’s sex life. By expanding a man’s current blood vessels and even stimulating new growth, it helps the penis have better blood flow which in turn helps with erections. Men notice having stronger and longer erections while improving their sexual performance.

The many benefits of GAINSWave™

Studies show this noninvasive, drug-free treatment option is a more permanent solution for men. Stimulating the blood vessels inside the penis along with the nerve tissue shows significant improvement to the penile blood flow giving men long-lasting results. In some cases, men showed erection improvement and no more ED symptoms for up to two years. Also, men who once needed Viagra or other erectile medications no longer needed to take them after their GAINSWave™ treatments. With over a 75% success rate, men struggling with ED can possibly get the help they need…without surgery or medications.

The root cause of erectile dysfunction or ED is impeded blood flow. Blood flow to the penis is the main mechanism for why men are able to get erect. GAINSWave™ therapy treatments are a safe, pain-free solution for men to get help and get rid of their ED issue. With no side effects or surgery needed, this new therapy option is giving men the answers they need.

Superior T in Frisco, TX offers this amazing new treatment option. Men, and their partners, no longer have to suffer with ED. This new form of shockwave therapy has proven more responsive and is providing longer-lasting results so men can get their life back. If you are concerned you may have erectile dysfunction then we invite you to call and schedule a consultation with our office today. Let’s us help you get back the quality of life you deserve.