5 Treatments That Can Help Restore Sexual Health in Men

5 Treatments That Can Help Restore Sexual Health in Men

Sexual health for men is an important factor for their quality of life. Lost sexual drive can affect a man emotionally as well as hurt their personal relationships, so finding out the cause of it is crucial. There are several different issues that can affect a man’s sexual health and interfere with his sex life. Problems such as erectile dysfunction, lack of energy, and decreased sexual drive can be helped with proper intervention and treatments.

Superior T is a testosterone and wellness center for men located in Frisco, TX. Founded by board-certified physician Dr. Jerry Lewis, Superior T provides men with a comfortable environment and treatment options to get help for better sexual health. Men struggling with their sexual health and other related issues can turn to Superior T to get the needed support and treatment help to address their concerns. Here is helpful information on five treatments that can help men restore their sex life.

The biggest culprit

Hormones can be the biggest energy drainers for both men and women. Lack of sexual energy is commonly linked to low hormone levels. For men, low testosterone is the main culprit for low energy and sex drive. A simple blood test can determine a man’s testosterone levels, which can begin to drop when entering into his late 30s and significantly changes as a man enters into his 70s. If a man shows low levels, testosterone replacement therapy can help increase it in order to spark sexual drive. Therapy options can be in the form of testosterone patches, topical gels, or testosterone injections. Side effects of prolonged use are still unknown so working closely with experts like Dr. Lewis at Superior T can help determine the right options for you if low testosterone is the main reason for your decreased sexual energy.

Help with ED

The professional staff at Superior T have helped numerous clients with ED, or erectile dysfunction, in the Frisco area. Usually a very private matter, many men suffer from this condition and don’t want to talk about it. It can not only affect their own mental health but also their personal relationship with their partner. That’s why seeking out treatment is important to help the both of you.

Speaking with a board-certified physician like Dr. Lewis at Superior T not only provides emotional support, but he can help explore options to treat this condition. Possible treatments may include ED drugs like Viagra; or other drug-free alternatives such as GainsWave technology, which uses low-intensity sound waves to break up plaque formation in blood vessels and increase blood flow to the penis which can improve sexual function, or the use of a penile pump. It’s important to know that you are not alone. Seeking help can help relieve ED stress and provide you with the necessary support to get your sexual drive back on track.

PRP Therapy

Your own blood can be a great resource to restoring healing processes for certain areas. The proteins found in platelets are an important component in how our bodies heal themselves and can be instrumental in helping men with ED. Dr. Lewis and his team at Superior T in Frisco, TX use PRP injections to help with ED as an alternative to prescribed drugs like Viagra. A patient’s own blood is drawn and processed through a centrifuge in order to concentrate the platelets. Once it is ready, it is injected into the target area. Men should experience firmer, longer lasting erections with PRP therapy and prolonged treatments have no known side effects.

Reduce stress

Stress is another contributing factor for men in Frisco who are dealing with decreased sexual drive. Stress can have detrimental effects on a person’s health including a healthy sex life. Chronic stress can drive down the hormone cortisol which lowers a person’s libido. Superior T can offer several suggestions on how to reduce your stress levels like meditation, exercising, or connecting you with local support groups so you can restore your sexual health back to where it needs to be. You don’t need to let your chronic stress control you.

Get plenty of sleep

Not getting enough sleep can always be an energy zapper. Poor sleep habits can increase stress levels which again could interfere with how the body uses energy in regards to sexual energy. If you are having trouble sleeping, we encourage you to talk with Dr. Lewis and the trained staff at Superior T about possible solutions. You can adjust your daily diet, sleeping environment, and even consider cognitive behavioral therapy to help improve your quality of sleep which can improve your overall sexual health.

The main goal of board-certified physician Dr. Jerry Lewis and the dedicated staff at Superior T in Frisco, TX is to help men regain their sexual health and restore their self-esteem. There are numerous treatments available to give men viable options to improve their sexual well-being and overall quality of life. If you are concerned about your sexual drive or having complications, we encourage you to contact Superior T in Frisco, TX for a consultation and get back to living!