Superior T- About Practice

Dr. Jerry Lewis discusses why he chose to start Superior T in order to meet the need of his existing patients along with many other patients.


Superior T is a men's wellness and hormone replacement clinic and our goal is basically to restore health, energy, and vitality. Superior T concept developed out of patient's needs over the years as they continued to ask me questions, I really feel like it was time to address those issues specifically. And that's how Superior T was born.

Specifically, with Superior T, we would be addressing somebody's testosterone levels, different blood panels, thyroid issues and various aspects of the patient's health. What we want to emphasize at Superior T is we want to actually correct problems, rather than just covering them up. Well, honestly we want them to feel comfortable.

Issues such as erectile dysfunction are an uncomfortable subject to discuss to begin with, and so we want to place them in an environment where they know that their issues are going to be taken seriously, that they're going to be kept confidential and we're going to try to do the best job we can to tailor a treatment to their particular issues.