Superior T- Gainswave Therapy FAQ

GainsWave Therapy is a treatment utilized at Superior T to correct blood flow and erectile dysfunction.


Here at Superior T, we offer a treatment called GAINSWave therapy. It's for erectile dysfunction and sexual enhancement. The machine is actually FDA approved for increased blood flow. The way it works is, we have this handpiece right here, to deliver pulse wave therapy to the area. Right here, we have a metal tip that will vibrate back and forth. And What this does, is it's actually breaking up micro plaque within the blood vessels. In doing so, it actually helps wake up dormant stem cells, increases blood flow to the area, improves nitric oxide. So following the treatment, it allows the blood flow to enter the area a lot more effectively.

Patients typically will require anywhere from three to a series of 12 treatments. It's a pain-free process that only takes the average person 20 to 30 minutes. Some of the benefits of the GAINSWave procedure, by delivering more nitric oxide into the area and the increased blood flow, it allows for longer lasting erections, more spontaneous erections, enhanced orgasms, as well as an increased girth size due to the excess blood flow to the area.

The GAINSWave treatments have actually been medically proven to last anywhere from two to three years. This actually isn't a new treatment. This has been used over in Europe for over the last 15 years, now being used here in America very effectively. The nice thing with the GAINSWave treatment, because there are other two aspects to it, the sexual enhancement as well as the erectile dysfunction, really any male 21 or over is an ideal candidate.