Superior T- Peyronies Disease FAQ

Dr. Jerry Lewis owner of Superior T discusses Peyronie's disease and how to correct it.


Basically, Peyronies Disease is scar tissue in the penis which can cause pain and an abnormal curvature of the penis. They also may have erectile dysfunction in association with the Peyronies. Peyronies treatments available at Superior T consists of GAINSWave Therapy which is acoustic wave therapy to help break up scar tissue, helps break up plaque in existing blood vessels and create new blood vessels and then also platelet-rich plasma or PRP injections, which have growth factors, which can stimulate new growth. There's actual surgical intervention.

Well basically, Peyronies has two stages: it has an early stage and a late stage or a, I guess you will, stable phase. The earlier you can treat Peyronies the better the chance that you can reverse and treat the scar tissue as opposed to when it's in its stable phase and the scar tissue is fully formed. 

The results that one would expect with Peyronies is an improvement of the curvature, decreased scar tissue, decreased pain and improvement of erectile dysfunction.