Information About Mens Health Procedures

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Male wellness examinations are important in tracking changes in your health and evaluate what future health conditions you could be at risk for.

Testosterone replacement therapy is used to balance a man's testosterone levels and combat symptoms associated with low testosterone.

Low testosterone can cause several symptoms in men that can affect their quality of life and their sexual, physical, and emotional health.

The hormone hCG can be used to balance testosterone levels, increase sperm production, and treat other common conditions apparent in males.

PRP therapy uses the patient's own blood to create a concentrated formula of growth factors to treat alopecia, Peyronie's disease, and ED.

PRP therapy is used to treat hair loss by stimulating the hair follicles with growth factors found in your blood to promote the regrowth of lost hair.

Both erectile dysfunction and Peyronie's disease can cause problems with a man's sexual health, but treatment is available with PRP and drug therapy.

At Superior T, we use GainsWave laser technology to treat erectile dysfunction by stimulating blood flow and activating new nerve growth.

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