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About PRP for Joint pain

Joint pain can be a common side effect of low testosterone (T). It can also occur from a previous injury or as a sign of aging. At Superior T in Frisco, TX, Dr. Jerry Lewis and his skilled team use platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections to provide relief from joint pain for their patients. These injections can promote the healing and recovery of injured tendons, ligaments, joints, muscles, and can be applied to varies musculoskeletal problems. If you are experiencing significant join pain alongside for whatever reason, schedule a consultation at our office today and learn how we can help.

Best Candidates

While testosterone replacement therapy works to help balance hormone levels in males, PRP PRP joint injections can eradicate the painful symptom that coincides with low T. It can also help to increase the functionality of various ailments, including those that affect the elbow, wrist, shoulder, hip, knee, ankles, etc. Additionally, PRP injections can help patients suffering from chronic tendonitis due to a previous injury. 

What to Expect

Prior to receiving injections, Dr. Lewis will consult with the patient about the area of concern and determine if there may be any underlying issues causing the pain. For the actual procedure, the patient will have their blood drawn in order to make the PRP. The PRP injections will then be administered into the are of concern. PRP therapy works by promoting the healing at the area of injection. 


To maintain their results, patients may need to have follow-up appointments to receive additional PRP injections. Dr. Lewis will discuss with you about any aftercare instructions that may be necessary following treatment. Patients should also contact our office if they experience any adverse side effects. 

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Joint pain can be extremely painful and make it difficult to go about your normal daily activities. Dr. Lewis and his team at Superior T want to help eradicate your pain and determine how to combat it over time. To learn more, schedule a consultation by contacting our office.

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